JST‑30 Features and Approval

Being homologated as a boat, it can go up to six miles from the coast and sail at night with optional navigation lights.

Specifications of JST‑30

Length꞉ 3 metres
Width꞉ 1.5 metres (1.20 metres with deflated tubes)
Height ꞉ 1 metre
Weight ꞉ 240 kg dry
Engine ꞉ Rotax 3-cylinder 900 cc 4-stroke 90 hp (115 hp with Power Kit)
Fuel tank ꞉ 30 litres
Fuel consumption ꞉ 8 L/h
Propulsion ꞉ Hydrojet with reverse lock
Maximum speed ꞉ 45 knots (50 knots with Power Kit)
Bow locker capacity ꞉ 50 Litres
Maximum capacity ꞉ 3 persons


The range of available accessories is designed to meet the needs of enthusiasts. For this model, there are options for the JST-30 sportender that include equipment for carrying sports equipment and accessories to enhance performance during use. These accessories are designed to provide comfort, safety and convenience during sporting activity, allowing users to fully enjoy the experience offered by the Stingray JST-30.