“JST-30, designed by light”

The objective of the StingRay JST-30 Design is the dialogue between elegance and sportiness, between safety and dynamism, between power and comfort. All factors that might be at odds with each other are instead brought into dialogue in the Sportender Design. A dialogue of perceptions underlined by the polished surfaces that rise up, meet, merge and harmonise along the lines from which they originate and to which they are linked. The design of the JST-30 sportender lives the same way in all the different possible colours. It is conceived and designed to live on water and in sunlight, its surfaces play with the rays of light that are reflected and allowed to run along its shapes, always putting the rider centre stage. Although the JST-30 has different uses, the design is not intended to be a compromise but aims to be recognised and to be a reference. The sportender is a new design, there are no other examples to take inspiration from, there is nothing that can be an alternative. StingRay is aware of the responsibility and opportunity to pioneer a new form of design.

Performance of JST-30 

The performance of Stingray Nautica’s JST-30 jet ski tender is truly breathtaking. Thanks to its powerful engine and smooth handling, this jet ski is able to deliver strong thrills and a smooth ride even in difficult conditions. Visit our Youtube channel