“The rehearsal with Bacci Del Buono of The Boat Show”

The new STINGRAY JST-30 is an innovative boat that promises an exciting experience. With The Boat Show’s Bacci Del Buono at the controls, this sea trial offers a chance to discover the exceptional performance and unique features of this jet ski tender. With its combination of cutting-edge technology and sleek design, the STINGRAY JST-30 stands out for its maneuverability and speed, ensuring an unforgettable experience at sea. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience a unique adventure aboard the new STINGRAY JST-30. Watch the full video.


JST-30 the concept of Sportender

A Revolutionary Project for the Future

A jet ski, tender, boat perfectly integrated with each other, StingRay is a revolutionary project destined to leave an indelible mark on the nautical world. A future of elegance, dynamism and freedom awaits sea lovers who choose to live the unique StingRay experience.

Dialogue of Elegance and Dynamism

The StingRay design represents a bold fusion of contrasts, a harmonious dialogue between elegance and sportiness, safety and dynamism, power and comfort. Elements that traditionally contrasted, are perfectly integrated in this innovative creation.

Design of sportender


The awareness of being first: StingRay design is not only distinguished by its beauty, but also by its responsibility.
Being first means having the opportunity to set the rules and leave an indelible mark on the design world.
JST30, a design that illuminates the future of boating.


JST30, designed by light: a motto that encapsulates the essence of StingRay design. A design that is not afraid of contradictions, but embraces them, creating a harmonious dialogue between elegance and sportiness, safety and dynamism, power and comfort. Smooth surfaces rise, meet, merge and harmonise along fluid lines, creating a symphony of forms. Sunlight dances over the surfaces, enhancing the details and creating an eye-catching play of reflections.

Sportender Stingray
Sportender Stingray
Sportender Stingray